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Short cuts to open any sub-diagram

Problem Statement:
Any entity in a model can be lot of diagrams in it. E.g a use-case realization can have activity diagram, sequence diagram etc. each of these diagram can again have sub-diagrams and so on.

Now to view the sub-diagrams, we have to right-click -> select in explorer -> then navigate to the corresponding diagram

when we click on any entity in the UML model, if there is a sub-diagram included previously for it, then it will be good to show that in the short cut menu. IBM Rational provides such a support.

Generally it is good to provide more direct navigation capabilities to other linked diagram from the current diagram. This is required for fast understanding of the model.

IBM provides
a) short cuts to sub-diagram
b) creating links to other diagrams

Kindly look into this request for make star uml even more user friendly.

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